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The mission: For the community to own and share in control of the Newcastle Knights.

The Newcastle Knights - A Proud History

Knights fans have a great passion.

For 30 years we’ve led the charge in supporting our team and continually pulling some of the highest crowd attendance numbers. Our home games average 220,000 per season – that’s a lot of support from near and far.

The fans have been there all the way and celebrated the wins; from two First Grade Premierships, two Second Grade Premierships, numerous Junior Premierships, playing in many finals and Grand Finals and also achieving a broad number of individual successes and representations at all levels of the game.

Our players go on to play in Origin and even wear green and gold when representing Australia. They do us proud.

Over the last few years, our team has been let down by uncertainty and ownership changes. But let’s change that. Now is the time to make a stand and ensure the years of hard-won work can continue into the future.

Keep the Knights local

Right now, the NRL manages our Knights as a stop-gap measure until a new owner is found.

Expressions of interest in owning the Knights have been received from prospective owners from all over the world. For a number of reasons, the NRL didn’t feel any of these prospective owners were acceptable.

We feel it’s essential the new owner should have a connection to Newcastle. Locals truly understand the social and economic advantages the Knights deliver to our region. At its best, a new corporate owner would be another short term solution. At worst, our beloved team could be permanently removed from the Newcastle landscape.

Our Chance. Our Knights

Seven like-minded businesspeople, who have their heart and soul cemented in the region, have developed a plan which is achievable and could make history.

Their plan would see the Knights become the first community owned, not for profit club in the NRL and also give the team back to the people who have a vested interest in its success.

This is our chance, our one opportunity to take control of our future and ensure that the Knights stay local. This is our chance to pave the way to restoring them to their former glory. A key ingredient in the success of the Knights has always been that the team and the club knew the fans were standing behind them. This is your chance to stand with them now and become an owner of the Knights.

Would you be in favour of a community owned model of the Knights?

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