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Newcastle has the passion, the expertise and the support to make this happen for our Knights.

Rob Tew

Local businessman, Life Member of the Knights, Foundation Member of the Once a Knights Old Boys Club.

“It is important to me that young people in the region are inspired to pursue their dreams, have the opportunity to do so locally if possible and an identified  pathway to realizing those dreams. I consider the Knights are one example of a local organisation competing on the national stage, attracting national and international recognition to the region. In order to maintain a locally based national sporting presence, the community must take responsibility.  I believe the best way to successfully achieve that outcome is by community ownership.”

John Duncan

Current Chairman Sharp Electronics Group, Owner SEG, Foundation Member Newcastle Knights, Co-founder Excalibur Club, Foundation Member Once A Knight Old Boys Committee and former Knights Director.

“The Knights have been our region’s flagship for the last thirty years. Their performance on the field and their contribution to the sport and community off the field can be our heartbeat. If they are to continue to be our catalyst into the future I believe that they should be owned by the community.”

Nicolas Dan

Solicitor and current Chairman of the Newcastle Knights Members Club.

“Newcastle and the greater region needs a presence on the national stage and the Knights give us that opportunity and it is one thing that unites the people.”

Andrew Poole

Local Businessman.

“I believe footy teams should be owned by the supporters.”

Michael Neilson

Executive Manager Newcastle Now and local business owner.

“For too long we have accepted mediocrity from our major national sporting team. Our region is evolving and so must our Knights. A community ownership model will not only provide the vehicle to secure our NRL team within the Hunter, it will re-establish relationships between the Knights and our communities to ensure sustained long-term success.”

Marty Adnum

Managing Director, Out of the Square Media.

“An emerging world class city and region should strive for the best of everything, be it arts, culture, technology or sport. This is our chance as a community to revisit the Knights with that intention of greatness. We are a proud passionate mob, so I hope others also see potential in this model. All we can do as facilitators is raise it as a notion and put some true Novocastrian effort behind it. Ultimately it’s up to the community as a whole to also believe this vision is possible for it to succeed.”

Mike Rabbitt

Former Sports Presenter, Marketing and Promotions Manager NBN Television.

“Being exposed with the everyday push to get the Newcastle Knights in to the best Rugby League competition in the world and then to hear the announcement “we are in” was a sequence of events I will never forget. From all the highs and lows there is one common denominator, the people that are the Knights community.

The Knights are so much more than a football team, they mean so much to so many, and now here is the perfect opportunity to once and for all , cement the Knights future. If we want OUR team playing in OUR town for OUR people, then please embrace the Community Model – One team for all, All for One team”

Would you be in favour of a community owned model of the Knights?

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